New Orleans’ French Quarter is without a doubt the cities main attraction – and for good reason.  This is the historic section of the city, full of art, music, great food, and beautiful architecture.  It is also home to the famous (or is it infamous) Bourbon Street with it’s endless line up of bars…and the revelry that goes with that.

New Orleans French Quarter

When I visit New Orleans, I always stay in this part of town for the reasons listed above – well, except for Bourbon Street.  Yes, I try my best to stay away from there after dark, not because it is dangerous but just because it is not my “scene”.  I like to experience it when it is not too crazy and if I want to go to bars and live music, I go to the Frenchman Street area – a bit more “laid back”.

New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter

It is nearly impossible to list all the things to experience in this area, but I’ll tell you what some of my favorites are:

  • Walk along the streets admiring the architecture.  You may have seen my previous article about “doors” – that is just one of the treats!
  • Enjoy the street musicians, performers, and artists that line the streets during the day (future article will focus on that)
  • Enjoy the galleries, shops, and restaurants that are everywhere
  • Enjoy St. Louis Cathedral
  • Explore the cemeteries nearby
  • Hang out at Jackson Square
  • People watch – this is probably THE best place in the world to do so!
  • Enjoy the food!
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 New Orleans French Quarter

I have stayed at many different hotels in this area (or close by in the Warehouse District or Central Business District – both within walking distance).  Among these are

  • Hyatt Place by the Convention Center – fairly close, large comfortable rooms, free breakfast
  • Hyatt Centric Bourbon Street – beautiful, centrally located
  • New Orleans Marriott – right on Canal Street
  • Bourbon Orleans – beautiful, historic building
  • Wyndham La Belle Maison – in the Warehouse District, short walk from everything
  • Hyatt Regency New Orleans

Several of these I was able to get at really good rates through Priceline so don’t be shy and go bid on some!

As far as restaurants go – wow.  Where does one start?  There are SO MANY great ones in New Orleans.  Among my absolute favorites are

  • Commander’s Palace
  • Luke
  • Court of Two Sisters
  • Mr. B’s Bistro
  • Brennan’s
  • Felix’s
  • Muriel’s
  • Bourbon House
  • Crescent City Brewhouse
  • Jax Brewery
  • and of course, Cafe Du Monde (OK, just for breakfast or snack!)
    Cafe Du Monde Cafe Du Monde

Now, how about a few more photos for you to check it out?  I’ll write more about New Orleans at night in the future.

New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter New Orleans French Quarter