One of my favorite songs is Depeche Mode’s “World In My Eyes”.  Its opening line is “Let me take you on a trip Around the world and back” – and that’s what this site is about.  Each article will be a “photo essay” describing my experiences in places both near and far.  Everything you read and see will be my experiences and memories as I ventured out and explored the place.

If you’re looking for “reviews”, you should probably head elsewhere.  I will share my experiences with specific restaurants, lodging, and sites – both good or bad.  In any case, it’ll always be based on my experiences – not as a “review”.    I’ll even share planning tips every once in a while – but this is not a travel planning site.  Experiences are what makes life worth living – and that’s what brought this site about.

In these photo essays you’ll learn about the people, places, and things I encountered as I wandered, got lost, found my way, and became richer as a result of it.  I hope you enjoy them and share your thoughts in the comments for each.  I also hope that they encourage you to go out and explore the world – both near and far!



The most difficult thing to do – ever – is to write a “short bio”, but there are situations where you must do so.  Let’s start with the basics:  my name is Jesus and I am a full time program manager at a major computer manufacturer, a part time traveler, full time lover of experiences, full time dreamer, part time photographer, and with the publishing of this blog a part time striving writer.

I have been blessed with many opportunities – all thanks to my parents who ventured out and left most of their family and friends behind to move to the United States when I was a child.  Those opportunities have allowed me to get a good education, have jobs that I have really enjoyed, travel to over twenty countries and over 350 cities, and meet many wonderful people – some who have become good friends throughout the years.

In my free time I enjoy traveling (isn’t that obvious?), photography, live music, good food, good wine, and sharing those with great friends.