The cathedrals of Kutna Hora are quite magnificent – which is very impressive for it being a small town.  I already wrote about the Sedlec Ossuary 

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which is an interesting site to visit, now I’m going to share a bit about the other two major cathedrals there.

The first one I visited was the Chrám Nanebevzetí Panny Marie – the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John The Baptist.  

The cathedral was completed in the year 1320 but was later destroyed in a fire in 1421.  It remained in ruins and was renovated between 1699 and 1709.  

It is a very beautiful yet simple cathedral with an interesting walk through the roof rafters.

Of course, the main attraction in Kutna Hora is the Cathedral of St. Barbora which dates back to approximately 1388.  It is an incredible building overlooking a small hill with a small vineyard.

I had the pleasure of spending the Christmas holidays in Kutna Hora 

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and one of the highlights was attending a choral performance at St. Barbora.  The music was incredible and being able to enjoy it in such a historic building made it all the better.  Of course, out of respect for the event, I did not take any photographs or video!

 And with that photo journey of the cathedrals of Kutna Hora, I wrap up my visits there.  I’ll be writing about Prague next – one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever visited.