What do you do in London when you have an overnight layover?  Well, simple – you find a hotel, get on the train, the tube, and go see the “major sights”.

That’s exactly what I did on a trip to Ireland when I had an overnight layover – actually more like 18 hours.  I reserved a hotel for the night near one of the airport train stops, checked in, walked out!  I had been to London before – a LONG time ago, so this was really going to be a “touristy” reminder of some things.

As soon as I checked in, I headed right back out to get a quick glance of Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, and some of the street stuff going on.  Idea was to stay awake as long as I could so when I arrived in Ireland my jet lag wouldn’t be as debilitating.

Nothing fancy in this article – just a set of photos of those few hours on the way to Ireland.  Enjoy it and next time, I’ll stay for a bit more than a few hours!

London - in about six hours