This is it – the last in my series on the Wynwood Arts District and it is a full on serving of eye candy!

In previous articles I talked a bit about the sidewalk art and how it was inspirational, I talked a bit about the Wynwood Walls and the Wynwood Doors and how they were one of the first exhibits.  Well, this one is just me doing what I love to do most:  wandering.

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To say that I was a bit overwhelmed when I arrived would be an understatement but I regained my composure and started just wandering from one street to the next, criss-crossing and sometimes going over the same one just to get to the next.  It was a feast to the eyes.

I have seen a lot of good street art in Europe, South America, and even here at home in Houston, but this was just such a large scale that it was beyond what I expected.  So, if a picture is worth a thousand words, this will likely be one of the longest articles I write!

Wynwood Arts District Wynwood Arts District Wynwood Arts District

In summary, if you’re anywhere near Miami and you want to see some incredible street art – and a lot of it – I strongly recommend you head over to the Wynwood Arts District.

If you want to know more about this area, roughly it’s on NW 2nd Avenue with the largest concentration being between NW 23rd and NW 29th Street – plus many of the side streets around there.

I will go back over and over again because as with any art gallery, the work will change over time.

For more information, I suggest you check out the the District Association’s site or the Wynwood Walls site