I had not visited the Saguaro National Park since it was just a National Monument – back in the late 90s.  This is a national park that is located in Tucson and is very easily accessed and seen.  It’s broken up into two part – the east and the west.  I visited the west side.

Let me just start off with a warning – carry PLENTY OF WATER!  I set off on a four mile hike with two bottles of water thinking it was going to be enough and it just barely was.  Yes, I drink a lot of water.  Yes it was midday – but it was overcast when I started so it wasn’t that hot.  Also, make sure to apply sunscreen – this is the dessert after all.

With that out of the way, there is nothing better for the mind, soul, and body than a hike in the dessert.  I’ve never figured out why because, as my friend said, everything in the dessert is out to kill you.  Maybe that’s it, but to me, it’s really all about the silence and solitude.

I stopped by the ranger station – always my first stop when I visit any park – and got my bearings and picked up a map.  Based on their recommendation I did the Loma Verde Loop trail and it was absolutely wonderful.

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Saguaro National Park

As you walk along the path, you are bombarded with the amazing Saguaro cacti – everywhere!  There are other species, but there’s a reason this park is named what it is.  There are a couple of high points where you get a nice view of the surrounding area.  As you walk, the only thing you’ll hear is your footsteps and the sound of birds.

I finished my hike and drank up three more bottles of water but my mind was totally refreshed – a feeling I love to have.

This was my last stop in Tucson and from the park I headed to my hotel by the airport – the Hyatt Place at the airport which I booked with some Hyatt Gold Passport points.