Bom Jesus do Monte is “Portugal’s most spectacular religious sanctuary”.  Indeed it is.  Mind blown.  Words just can’t explain it.

The site is built on a mountain side and it is a set of staircases with chapels, fountains, statues, prayer/meditation stops at each landing.  At the top, you are rewarded with an beautiful church.  If you’re not up to walking the stairs – I did it twice, but it is tiring – there is a funicular railway that takes you from the top to the bottom.

Again, this is one of those places that words just don’t do it justice.  I wonder if the photos do.  In any case, here you go.

Bom Jesus do Monte Bom Jesus do Monte

It is on the travel path from Guimaraes to Oporto and I highly recommend it.  It is near Braga – which I did not have a chance to visit.

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