What do you do in the Houston area on a beautiful late February winter day?  You head out to Galveston and enjoy a picture perfect day walking on the beach.

Galveston, Texas

Galveston has an undeserved bad reputation as an ugly beach but truth be told, it can be quite pretty and the town has a lot of history.  I live in Houston because I actually like the weather.  I’ll admit it, the summer can get a bit hot and muggy, but it is worth it for the other three seasons.  Fall, winter, and spring can be absolutely gorgeous and so, on a picture perfect winter day I headed out to Galveston to enjoy a nice walk on the beach.

I love walking and exploring.  Even when you walk the same route, you always see something different.  A tree has changed, the light is hitting a house differently, a house has new landscaping, you run into a neighbor or friend.

Galveston, Texas

I drove down to Galveston and parked at West Beach.  Right on the beach!  I started walking and enjoyed the weather, the blue water, and the beautiful sky.

The retreating tide had left several areas with patterns and trapped water which added to the sights one could enjoy.

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Walking further along the beach, there were several areas with people enjoying the sun.  They had parked their cars and were throwing footballs, listening to music, even one on a small motorcycle doing donuts.

Galveston, Texas

As you walk along the shore, you get to enjoy the beach homes.  These have all been built since Hurricane Ike struck and are simply beautiful homes – with large decks overlooking the ocean.  I love just thinking about how I would spend my days at such a home – coffee in the morning, iced tea in the afternoon, wine or cocktails in the evening.

After walking for nearly six miles I got back in my car and headed out for lunch.  I didn’t have lunch on The Strand, the historic center of town, instead opting for a different Tex-Mex option near 7th Street and the Seawall. I can’t say it was the best Tex-Mex I’ve ever had, but it was OK.  I’ll come back at some point in the future and write about The Strand area.  For now, I’m still thinking about what a picture perfect day it was.