No visit to Kutna Hora, Prague, or the Czech Republic should skip the Sedlec Ossuary – an incredible, though a bit creepy attraction.

The Ossuary dates back to the 1400s and is sometimes just referred to as “the bone church” – and that is as descriptive as you can get about what it is.  The Ossuary is a chapel located beneath an old Gothic church and it contains the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people.  

Some of these bones have been used to create “art work” or are arranged in artistic ways.  If you find this creepy or disrespectful, this is not a place for you to visit.  However, if you are at all intrigued by the contents or the history, then by all means visit!

I spent several hours in the small chambers, admiring the place, wondering about the history, taking photos, and mostly waiting for the tourists to vacate the areas I wanted to photograph.  Patience is a must for that!

This was my very first stop in Kutna Hora.  After leaving here I visited the other cathedrals in town and took my long wandering walk about which I’ve already written. 

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I’ll write more about the other cathedrals in the future but for now, enjoy the rest of the “bone church” photos!