Cliffs of MoherYou read about the Cliffs of Moher.  You see photographs.  You anticipate being there.  But nothing prepares you for what you’re about to experience.  I left my hotel in Lahinch about 11:30 thinking this would be the best time to avoid any early morning weather problems but when I arrived I was faced with the near zero visibility.  Yes, that’s right.  Anticipate seeing such a beautiful place and you can barely see five feet in front of you!

Cliffs of MoherOf course, I’ve been known to be stubborn and patient – something you have to be as a photographer – so I waited.  I knew Mother Nature would not let me down.  I walked along the path and photographed in the fog which led to some beautiful photographs.  I enjoyed the limited views, the silence, the sound of the birds and the ocean in the distance – neither of which you could actually see.

Then, suddenly, the sky opened up.  It was stunning! I took it all in.  Snapped a few photographs.  Walked some more.  Enjoyed the views some more.  Walked some more.  Different angles.  Different perspectives. All beautiful.  Such majesty.  Such beauty.  Such danger.

I was mesmerized by the sheer ruggedness and couldn’t help but think of about those that found this place in less than ideal situations.  I wondered about those that try to lower themselves to some of the plateaus to observe the birds.

I loved it and snapped a few photographs.  The more I travel, the more I just soak in what is in front of me instead of holding a camera in front of my face.  I find it is much more beautiful that way – and I just take a few photographs as a memory.

Cliffs of Moher

Cliffs of Moher

Then, just as sudden as it had cleared up, the fog rolled back in and the show was over.